Cosmetic 100% Cotton Pad For Beauty

Cosmetic Cotton Pad is made from 100% bleached cotton, round, or rectangle. White or coloured.The main use is to remove makeup, such as the face, nail.  Our advantage lie in low cost, high quality,strong research and  service capabilities , brought about by the whole industry chain from raw cotton processing to all medical cotton products .

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Healthsmile Cosmetic Cotton Pad is made from 100% bleached cotton in medical grade, round, or rectangle,white or coloured. Our high-quality Cosmetic Cotton Pad have excellent water absorption capacity, completely will not drip,also have super water release ability, after using without leaving any cotton fibre. Healthsmile cosmetic cotton pad is thicker, soft to the touch, and the suction is stronger when it is used to apply the makeup water, and there is no peeling phenomenon when it is used. The main use is to remove makeup, such as the face, nail. because its texture is very soft when removing makeup is not easy to hurt the face, and it is very comfortable to use on the toner, but also can remove makeup very clean. Also can be used to make up, wipe the effect that make up water has two times clean, it is a step that protect skin cannot omit.1/ Moisturizing: Replenish enough water to make your skin absorb enough water. Especially the use of toner must be made up with cotton. 2/ Aseptic: good makeup cotton is through layers of aseptic design, more sanitary than the hand, can avoid the secondary pollution of bacteria on the hand. 3/ Clean: soft water generally contains softening skin horny ingredients, and the use of cosmetic cotton can just wipe the excess aging horny to improve skin transparency. 4/Wake up the skin: get up in the morning, use makeup cotton from the bottom to beat, can wake up the skin , more conducive to the contraction of pores. 5/ Remove makeup: Use a cotton pad to remove the eyes, which can avoid rubbing to protect the fragile skin of the eyes.1)Soft, comfortable and natural feel. 2)Gentle and soft for face and nail. 3)Environmental and Natural. 4)Leave no fibers on the skin 5)Type: rounde or quadrate, both side-sealing pads, Non-sealing pads,and embossed pads,.  non-woven fabric on cotton puff products 6)Supply OEM and ODM customization services

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